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Tete-aTete w/ Brent and Beckys Bulbs – Live & Recorded Episodes:

Check out the latest episode of our podcast, Tete-a-Tete!

Tete-aTete w/ Brent and Beckys Bulbs – Live & Recorded Episodes:.


Serenity in a Wild, Wild World

As I sit here in a quiet office (as brief as I know it will be), the occasional Twitter post and most of the online news organizations are all a-buzz with negativity. Around here, Fall can be a hectic time of the year as the Fall bulb shipping and planting season is upon us. So, the last thing I need, or anyone for that matter, is having all of the world’s problems shoved down my e-throat!

Business is business. Life is life. There will always be the battle of good versus evil. And as dreary a message as this may sound, what it has reminded me of is our slogan, “Plant Bulbs and Harvest Smiles!”


To springboard off of the familiar phrase “Stop and smell the roses”, I think it’s time that agendas be set aside, for leaders to practice “servant leadership”, and to stop and plant bulb gardens! 


Who wouldn’t feel more like letting bygones be bygones, laying their issues aside and coming to peaceful terms while sitting in the garden?


So, join me, people! Rise up and then sit back down again in the serenity of a garden!


In the 10 minutes that it took to write this much, walk the garden and snap these pictures, I’m at peace. So, take a load off, come and sit a spell, cop-a-squat, and take in what God has provided for us. Let the pressures of success go and let the peaceful sounds of the Fall breezes take you away. Let’s all take some time to stop and smell the…I mean, Plant Bulbs and Harvest Smiles! 🙂

When planting edibles this Fall, remember…tulips?

Tulip 'Indian Summer'

When we think of planting edibles in the late Summer or Fall, we often think of kale, collards, lettuces, spinach, turnips or broccoli. These are staples of the now healthier American diet and great ways to stimulate your palate in the cooler months! But there is another fall planted “edible” that you can enjoy in the Spring. And we bet you’ve never eaten it before!


Yes, tulips. More specifically the petals, as the bulbs can turn your stomach and don’t taste very good at all (so we’re told). Even though during desperate times in history, people did eat the tulip bulb as a potato alternative and even as a flour alternative, it’s nasty and it is recommended that you just leave the bulb alone. But go for the petals!

Edible flowers are not uncommon, but tulips are rarely used. If you’re a fan of sweet peas, try a tulip petal one day. The more fragrant, the better. If you have used chemical fertilizers, it’s best to wash them thoroughly, but if you garden “green” like we do, just grab a petal and taste it. Its slightly sweet like a pea and a tiny bit “earthy”…like a pea! Use them as garnishes or chopped into salads. Or imagine a tray of “Indian Summer” tulip petals (shown above) laying down like little cups, holding a “schmear” (if we may use the word) of hummus or salmon spread, garnished with 2 small chive sprigs or some fine chopped green pepper or smoked paprika. Trust us here, you guests will not forget the first time they had tulip! And, for your Spring gatherings, there’s no better way to say “Spring has arrived”!

Let us know how you have used tulips petals as parts of your meals! But first, you have to remember to get them in the ground! Check here if you haven’t yet…

Happy planting!