Time To Mix Things Up A Bit

The Labor Day holiday weekend has passed, the kids are back in school and we started September with some of the hottest and most humid weather than we have had all summer. Yes, Mother Nature keeps us guessing and reminds us that we are not in charge, need to remain flexible and keep a good sense of humor! 

Lilac Wonder

Fall blooming Colchicum, ‘Lilac Wonder’



Even with the hot humid weather, the established Colchicums are beginning to emerge, which is a sign that the autumn weather is right around the corner! So, if you want new color in your fall, winter or spring garden, now is the time to begin putting together you plans.



Daffodil River




There are so many different heights, colors, bloom times of flowers with different climate preferences; it can either be great fun to make choices or a bit difficult to limit the choices!   Sometimes a garden design using similar colors works in one situation while a mixture works better in others.   If the area being planted is large, a ‘Daffodil River’ of one color flowing into another color looks fabulous. But not everyone has enough room to plant a ‘river’, so we offer fewer bulbs with the same planting technique and call it a ‘Daffodil Creek’; and for an even smaller spot, we offer a ‘Daffodil Brook’.

As for mixtures, we are excited to offer many new ones for you to consider:

Amsterdam Mix


One is called ‘Amsterdam Mix, which is a well-balanced mixture of all types of daffodils with different forms, colors, shapes and bloom-times. This mixture, depending on the springtime weather, could stay in bloom for up to 3 months.  These sun-loving flowers are absolutely pest proof and enjoy a well-drained site.



Rotterdam Mix


Another mixture that is sure to be a favorite is of different forms of daffodils that are all yellow but with different bloom times. This mix is named for a major port in Holland calledRotterdam’. This mixture should decorate a special place with the happy yellow colors from late February until April, depending on the springtime temperatures. This mixture will be more perennial if it is planted where it gets plenty of sunlight after the blooms are finished and where there is available moisture in the fall and spring but is dry during the summer.

White Elegant Mix

Another new mixture is a special group of White Elegant Mix starting with white crocuses, white daffodils and various white tulips. This mixture is designed to light up your life and to bloom between February and April, depending on the springtime temperatures where they are planted. These flowers, clean as the pure driven snow, will add a ‘touch of class’ to your home, neighborhood or business.


Fireworks Mix

Another new mixture is filled with bright colors of various types of daffodils and tulips with bright yellows, oranges and warm reds. These are the types of colors that POP whether you see them up close or even from a distance, which is why this mixture is called Fireworks! Few things rush my adrenalin like fireworks and the visual effectiveness of this mix will surely get your blood moving and make you laugh out loud!

So, sit back, relax, and don’t try to design a garden theme yourself! It’s already done for you, when you “mix” things up a bit!


2 thoughts on “Time To Mix Things Up A Bit

  1. Sheila DOak

    I am writing from Victoria BC – my husband brought home tulips from the grocery store that are ABSOLUTELY AMAZING, not only do they look like little peonies they have more than one flower on a stem. Any idea what the variety is? I would like to buy.
    Sheila Doak



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