Tip Toe, Through the Tulips, In the Garden…

The 2014 spring weather was never as welcomed as it was after the severe and long winter we had last year! We don’t know what this coming winter will bring us, but we are planning for our spring 2015 flowers anticipating the need for LOTS of color in our lives!

Tulips are one of the most colorful flowers available for spring bloom. Planted deeply (8”-10” depending on soil type) in the fall and in full sun, they make everything else in the garden look bright and happy!   When the tulips are in bloom, no one notices the weeds! Some of the most popular groups are:


Tulip 'Apricot Beauty'

Tulip ‘Apricot Beauty’




Single Early types like T. ‘Apricot Beauty,’ which is lovely with a variety of flower colors – blues, whites, purples and even soft yellows in the garden. It is always a good forcer if given enough pre-cooling time and looks wonderful in a container on the patio.





Tulip 'Foxtrot' and Muscari 'Mount Hood'

Tulip ‘Foxtrot’ and Muscari ‘Mount Hood’






Double early tulips like T. ‘Foxtrot’ have so many petals that when they are open, they FILL the container of spot in the garden. They are also great forcers and are among our most popular type of tulip.




Tulip 'Negrita' in Violas

Tulip ‘Negrita’ in Violas






Triumph tulips have more different types and more color options of any of the other groups.   They are often used for forcing and for annual displays. One of the most popular is T. ‘Negrita’, a lovely reddish purple tulip that adds a richness to many garden design concepts.





Tulip 'Pink Impression' & Tulip 'Red Impression'

Tulip ‘Pink Impression’ & Tulip ‘Red Impression’



Darwin Hybrid Tulips are the most perennial of the larger-type tulips because their bulbs don’t break apart into ‘daughter bulbs’ as quickly as some of the other types.   There are many colors from which to choose and for areas where they are added to perennial gardens, this group is a perfect choice.   Two of the most popular ones are T. ‘Pink Impression’ and T. ‘Red Impression’.   Amazingly, they really look nice planted together but also look awesome with many other types of spring flowering bulbs and perennials!


Battle the critters with Plantskydd!

Battle the critters with Plantskydd!




Rabbits have discovered our gardens and last fall began to enjoy the pansies that we had just planted over top of the “LOVE” garden. We sprinkled the granular product called Plantskyd around the pansies in November and the pansies were still there looking wonderful in April! We certainly can’t be sure each critter will react the same way in every garden and with every enticing plant, but we just wanted you go know our experience.




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