Our 2nd Best!

We have heard some customers say that when they think about Brent and Becky’s Bulbs, they usually associate us with daffodils more than any other bulb.  Can you guess what our 2nd favorite bulb is?  I’ll give you some hints:

1.  It is the one that putting on the best show in our gardens at this very moment!

2.  Most do best with lots of sunlight

3.  Most are relatively tall

4.  Most have multiple flowers per stem

5.  Most bloom during the summer, but not all in the same month

6.  Some have AWESOME fragrances

You’ve probably guessed it correctly…


These fabulous lily bulbs can be planted either in the fall or the spring!  We offer fewer types of lilies in the fall only because of the space needed for the millions of daffodil, tulip and other spring flowering bulbs.  Also, our lilies arrive later in the fall (usually early October) than many other bulbs that are planted in the fall, so keep that in mind when planning your planting dates.

There are SO many colors available and if enough different types are planted, they can provide blooms from June to August!  One of the most popular colors ordered are pink ones like ‘Anastasia’:

Lilium 'Anastasia'

Lilium ‘Anastasia’

…and ‘Muscadet’:

L. 'Muscadet'

Lilium ‘Muscadet’

Some gardeners prefer the dramatic two-toned ones like ‘Forever Susan’:

Lilium 'Forever Susan'

Lilium ‘Forever Susan’

…and ‘Netty’s Pride’:

L. Netty's Pride

Lilium ‘Netty’s Pride’

And then others prefer species types, which are very specific in their requirements but when planted in their ‘happy spot’ are amazing.  Some examples of those are henryi:

L. henryi

Lilium henryi

…and leichtlinii:

L. Leichtlinii

Lilium leichtlinii

Lilies have long stems and make great candidates for terrific long-lasting cut flowers.  But if you don’t want to cut the whole long stem, each blossom can be carefully cut and you can place these shorter stemmed blossoms around the edge of an arrangement using moistened oasis.  It will create a multi-colored amazing arrangement, leaving all the rest of the flowers and yet-to-open flower buds on the lily stems in the garden to bloom the next week! Take a look at more lilies here!

Another member of the Liliaceae family, and a favorite to many because of it’s rainbow of colors and powerfully beautiful fragrance, is the Hyacinthus orientalis, or Hyacinth.

Hyacinth orientalis Mix

Hyacinth orientalis Mix

The good news is, the lilies and the hyacinths can be planted in the same area of your full-sun garden.  Just plant the lilies 8”-10” deep (because they have stem roots and this depth will help hold up their big flower heads), and you can plant the hyacinths right on top about 6” deep.  The hyacinths will come up in the spring, bloom, and their leaves will mature and go away about the time that the lilies will begin to emerge!  They make terrific ‘bedfellows’!

Come to see us if you are in Virginia! We’re a “stone’s throw” from Richmond, Colonial Williamsburg, Newport News/Hampton, Virginia Beach or Norfolk.

We hope you are having a wonderful summer!



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